Eclipse Blinds and Plantation Shutters
Eclipse Blinds and Plantation Shutters
Eclipse Blinds and Plantation Shutters


The Eclipse Blinds Curtains and Plantation Shutters Payment Plan allows you to purchase blinds curtains and shutters for your home today while making convenient fortnighty or monthly direct debit payments. You nominate your Bank Account or Credit Card and we do the rest. If generally takes only a few minutes for the entire process. And…

Your Contract has NO INTEREST EVER!

How Does It Work?

  • If you have a full time job or are an Aged Pensioner, answer a few questions for the sales staff and they will complete the ½ page Application for you.
  • You choose whether your direct debits are fortnightly or monthly
  • The Application and Approval process takes only a few minutes
  • After Approval and paying your deposit, you may order your product and we will send the Application onto Certegy
  • Certegy will send you a confirmation letter detailing the dates and amount of each direct debit.
  • Make sure there is sufficient funds in your account on the stated direct debit dates in the letter and be rest assured, there is… NO INTEREST EVER!


  • Certegy is a 40+ year old company providing retail services worldwide, and operates Ezi-Pay in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.
  • We process Credit cards for hundreds of banks in 9 countries.
  • If you write a cheque, it is a good chance Certegy has guaranteed it.

    We also provide many unique payment options for retailers, banks and travel agents Australia wide.


    We ask that you supply the following:

    Full BSB and Account or Credit Card number along with documentation showing proof of bank account ownership-sorry eftpos cards are not suitable as they cannot be debited. A bank statement is fine.

    Suitable photo identification is required.

    Some conditions apply.

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